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One of my intentions when I started this blog was to record my work in progress at uni… something I haven’t really followed through on so far.

Our current design project is a hypothetical study for a High-Speed Railway Station in the heart of Newcastle that would tie in with the Very-Fast Train network currently being investigated by the government. This would also become a catalyst for the master plan of Honeysuckle adjacent to Hunter Street, including a re-location of the University’s School of Business, and Commercial office spaces to help offset the costs of the station.

The following is work in progress, with the developed submission due in about three weeks.

My proposal establishes the intersection of Darby, Crown and Hunter Street as the true centre of Newcastle where the city is understood as development of railway lines which converged on this site. Therefore, I have extended the site boundary eastwards, demolishing a few buildings that severely undervalue their site, and retain the existing fine grain of older buildings along hunter street further west. 

The station becomes a true transportation hub, moving the existing heavy-rail underground along with the very-fast trains, reinstating the light-rail network, and provision for an overseas passenger terminal connected by bridges where the original coal shoots stood. The architecture becomes records the movement of the site as both a way-finding device and homage to this historical intersection. The station floor is lined in steel, rusting and polishing to reveal the movement of people, an echo of the former Burwood line across the site. The path of the existing rail becomes a pedestrian route, it’s centreline planted with reeds where people can tread their own desire lines in response to the relentless debate over the east-west railway line…

Posted on September 30th, 2011 at 6:17 PM
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